Tastefully Done Wedding on a Budget

Yes, your wedding day is very important and one you will remember and think of always.  You don’t want to pinch pennies so tightly that your event is one you wish to forget. Pick up any wedding magazine these days and you will surely think that you need to find a money tree to shake to be able to afford a decent wedding. The average cost of a wedding (2015) in Atlanta GA is $28,659. How many of us can afford something as grand, and is it even necessary? Even if you have the money, think of all the things you could do with $29,000!

Speaking from a photographer and a recent bride standpoint, there are many creative and cost-effective ways to create a memorable wedding:

  1. Do your own hair and makeup or have your friend/family member do it. The average cost of a make-up artist or hair stylist is between $200-$500 each. Will anyone even know that you did your own hair and makeup? Really… think about it…
  2. 011 10DIY where you can! Handmade invitations, centerpieces, wedding favors, … They can be made much easier and cheaper than you think. Shop at local art & craft stores to get great deals. Do you know that Micheals and Joann Fabric honor all of their competitors’ coupons? Which means you can at least get 3 items at 40% off on each visit! On top of that, all of your guests will be very impressed with your skills and ingenuity.  It costs you less and impresses your guests. A double win!
  3. Untitled-3 Cut down flower cost. Fresh flowers often increase your wedding cost significantly. At the end of the day, flower is one of the items that you can’t keep for long, too many to bring home, and you will feel bad to give/throw them away because they are SO expensive! Think DIY fabric bouquet and centerpieces. I made my own bouquet and centerpieces from my husband’s and my old shirts. My guests were so impressed and they cannot believe it until one of them  notice the familiar looking fabric 🙂 . And who says that all centerpieces have to be the same? NO! It is your wedding and you set the rule. Mix and match can bring more characters to the table. Check out Etsy.com – You will be able to find many local vendors who make these fabric bouquet at a very reasonable price, plus you can support local crafters!
  4. Find a venue that allows you to make or cater your own food and drinks. Consider choosing a nontraditional venue. Rather than a dedicated wedding reception hall or country club (except if you like one of course), a nontraditional venue will offers more character and make your wedding Unforgettable!
  5. Make your own wedding favors. Homemade gifts are always appreciated.
  6. Food Trucks for your Special Event? YES! Check out this link to search available food trucks in your area: http://www.foodtrucktalk.com/category/georgia You might wonder if a food truck is acceptable for your affair and with the way these trucks are serving up gourmet fare, the answer is YES!  From low key BBQ to elegant seafood bites, these cool food trucks can fit right in and add a bit of fun to your party.
  7. Disposable does not have to mean tacky – check this out! This is a great, eco-friendly option. Bamboo tableware! It’s beautiful, natural, and functional. Untitled-1
  8. Have your wedding and event at the same location to avoid transportation fees.
  9. The DATE – Schedule the wedding in off-peak times. When there’s less competition for dates, you can have more negotiating power. You can shave 20 to 30 percent off the cost of a wedding by planning it for November, or January through March.
  10. Make it a daytime reception. It’s always cheaper to serve lunch or brunch than dinner. Plus your out-of-town guests will appreciate it more if they can avoid hotel cost.