Emily + Caleb’s wedding at Tate House, Tate, GA

Emily + Caleb’s wedding is a very special one… it was at the Tate House, located in Tate, GA. The Tate House itself is a very unique place. It is an historic property built for Colonel Samuel Tate in 1923, and Caleb’s great great great great uncle was one of the builder! With Caleb being part of the Tate lineage and able to get married in this place after all these years, it was truly special and meaningful. The Tate House is made of pink and white marble supplied by Tate’s Georgia Marble Company, and sometimes called the “Pink Palace”. It is really a very BEAUTIFUL place! And what makes it more beautiful is definitely Emily + Caleb’s wedding and all the beautiful decor with colors matching so incredibly well with the Tate House!


One of my favorite moments in weddings is when we revealed the bride to their girls 🙂 It is always a special moment for the girls see their best friend/sister all dressed up and getting ready to step onto a new stage in life!

Emily and Caleb decided to do a First Touch prior to the ceremony… They wrote letters for each other and it was such a “touching” moment 🙂

Beautiful blue sky, venue filled with a unique pink marble building and perfect landscape, gorgeous loving couple, perfect sunlight and wedding color theme… Emily and Caleb have everything to celebrate their Special Day!



Last but certainly not least – Emily and Caleb had an elegant antique car to take them straight to the airport, off to their honeymoon right after the wedding! What a perfect way to celebrate!!!