Kim + Brad’s charming wedding at 173 Carlyle House, Downtown Norcross

Kim had known Brad’s family for 8 long years before they had first met. Kim is a successful hairstylist in John’s Creek, and Brad’s family were her clients over that time. Even though Kim knew much of Brad’s family, they never got the chance to meet each other. A couple years ago, Brad’s father passed away. To help Brad’s mom feel better, Brad’s aunt (also Kim’s client) brought Brad’s mom to Kim’s salon and introduced her to Kim. As soon as Brad’s mom met Kim, she knew she would be perfect for Brad. Not only that, Brad’s grandmother also had the same feeling! With combined effort, they persuaded a reluctant Kim to give up her contact confirmation to pass along to Brad. A long month passed. But then, finally, Brad sent a message to Kim introducing himself, and they have not been able to be apart since! So, out of tragedy came new love. And Brad knows his father was watching over him and sent Kim his way. She saved him and helped him heal into a new, stronger man!! About the ring — Over the years, Brad’s mother had acquired jewelry passed through the family for generations. Also, she had been given jewelry from Brad’s father. Brad’s mom wanted to pass these heirlooms along to him, and help create new from old. Brad used these precious pieces of family jewelry to forge a new ring, one ring to rule them all! Brad met with a ring maker who designed and hand crafted a beautiful new ring, bringing pieces that his father, grandfather, and his great grandfather had once possessed. And out of old came new, and Kim will continue the legacy of the family alive by accepting this ring.