Kendall + Jordan’s Sweet Old-Country Antique Acres Wedding

Kendall & Jordan met the summer before ninth grade after he had finished football practice. Our friendship began and continued to grow throughout the next year. Kendall remembers thinking that she wanted to marry him, and he admits the same. On Christmas, their sophomore year, it became quite clear when he stopped by and left a pair of pearl earrings wrapped on the hood of her car. They both made it clear about their feelings during this time, but continued to enjoy their sweet friendship. On Valentine’s day, at their first official date, he asked Kendall to be his girlfriend by having a dessert brought to their table that read, “Will you be mine?” in strawberry icing. She said yes!

They spent the remainder of high school and college and enjoying every second of it. Throughout that time, their families became extremely close.

On September 10th 2016, Kendall’s twenty third birthday, after dinner, They drove to their next destination. Kendall being completely clueless, Jordan directed them to their high school football field. They turned the corner of the football field and on the fifty yard line, Kendall saw the most beautiful picnic. Jordan started speaking the sweetest of words. He told her his favorite memories involved her and playing football, and that the place they were at encompassed both of those. AND then, he got down on one knee. He asked her to Marry him. She said YES!

The wedding was held at Antique Acres with the perfect rustic and country setting.� Kendall and Jordan picked some nostalgic & classic candy and snacks, like Bit-O-Honey, Moon Pie and Cracker Jack, as their wedding favors for guests to go with the old-country theme! At the dessert table, guests can enjoy delicious homemade desserts from moms and aunts!


• Hair & Make-up: Bomb Shell Creation

• Caterer: Big Daddy Que

• Florist: Flowers from the Heart

• Dress: Formally Yours