Sabra + Daniel’s Unique Hightower Falls wedding… combining nature and rustic charm

Sabra & Daniel met at Starbucks. While Sabra was working there throughout college years, she  started noticing this regular customer coming in, and thought – he’s kind of cute. They bonded over a minor car break-in Sabra had, and one day he asked her for her number while her manager stood close by, observing the entire exchange!
In early 2016, they decided to take an impromptu trip to Asheville, NC. It snowed the first night they were there, which seemed magical at the time. The next morning on the way to visit the Biltmore Estates, Sabra slid down an icy hill and crashed straight into a car that was trying to get out of the ice. After making sure no one was hurt and figuring out insurance, she burst into tears. Daniel immediately jumped in the driver’s seat, driving them safely to the Biltmore. Sabra was so glad they decided to still go, because as soon as they got to the grounds, he gave her a huge hug and went down on one knee (and in the snow!). She heard a photographer snapping pictures behind her, and realized Daniel had everything planned out in advance. He was able to keep his cool and assuage her fears throughout the stressful morning, all with an engagement ring in his pocket. There wasn’t a doubt in her mind as she said yes and urged him off the ground so he wouldn’t get cold. 🙂

About the wedding… It was a Natural/Rustic theme. Given that the venue was so unique, with the outside ceremony and reception in the old barn, they didn’t want to add in extra decorations to the detriment of the venue’s natural beauty. Hightower Falls is an event venue that combines nature and rustic charm. It has an 80 foot, spring fed, cascading waterfall and an 1850 stone grist mill ruins that have attracted people for over 150 years. The beauty of nature is perfected by landscaping and flowers that make a breathtaking background for this special occasion! They were shocked by how beautiful it is – from the ruins of the grist mill (perfect since Daniel is an architect), to the waterfall and peaceful river running right next to the ceremony site (they love being in nature!) – it seemed like a perfect match.

One of Sabra’s favorite details is Daniel’s schnauzer socks and cuff-links! They have two standard schnauzers, and unfortunately weren’t able to bring them to the venue. Even so, they found a way to incorporate them in the wedding. 🙂


*Catering: Sweet Magnolia Catering

*Cake: Cecilia Villaveces Cakes

*Makeup Artist: Angelika Marie

*Florist: Sabra’s father! Rich Cordery (DIY)

*Dress: Vera Wang