Banana Flower Chips

Today I’m going to show you how to make baked banana chips into a curved flower shape that can be used to decorate any kind of banana-flavored dessert!

First, thinly slice the banana. Mine is about ¼ centimeter thick. Roughly, doesn’t have to be exact.

Lay a silicone baking mat on a baking sheet pan. Then lay the sliced banana on it.

Now lay another silicone baking mat on top of this,

then top it with another baking sheet pan. Bake this in the oven at 175°F (80 °C) for 20 minutes. This is just to flatten the chips a little more and soften them.

(20 minutes later…)

Now I’m going to cut them with these flower shaped cutters.

The banana is very wet and soft now. So I’m going to remove the excess part with a knife (instead of my fingers).

Next, prepare a semi sphere silicone mold. Turn this around and place it on a baking sheet pan.

Using the butter knife, carefully transfer the banana slices on to the sphere mold.

Bake these in the oven at 200°F (95 °C) for 1-1/2 hours.

When they are done, wait until they are completely cooled before removing them from the mold.

And this is it! Cute little banana chip flowers!

These are the perfect edible decorations for any banana-flavored dessert! This is what I use to decorate my banana chiffon cake:

Tutorial Video: